Significance of Aashura

Special  |  09-09-2019  |  Musjid ut Taqwa Allah SWT has attached greatness and significance to 10 Muharram, the day of Aashura. Two major events occurred on this day in history, established from the Ahadith – the salvation of Musa AS and the Bani Isra’il from the tyranny of Fir’aun and Nuh AS and his followers from(…)

The Life & Qualities of Sayyidina Hussain (RA) – Masjid us Salaam, Laudium

Special  |  04-09-2019  |  Masjid us Salaam, Laudium It is an indication of love for Nabi-e-Kareem ﷺ to learn about those who were most beloved to him, which includes ‘Rayhaanatu-Rasulullah’ (the flowers of Nabi-e-Kareem ﷺ), his grandsons Hasan RA and Husain RA. Amongst the beautiful qualities of Sayyidina Husain RA was his outstanding piety and devoutness, which(…)

The centrality of the Masjid in the life of a Muslim -Glenwood Masjid

  Zikr |  29-08-2019  |  Glenwood Masjid The establishment of a house of Allāh SWT in any part of the world is an occasion of happiness and optimism for the Believers. The fact that our Masjids are running out of space and further facilities are required is a sign of the vibrancy of Islam! Every Masjid(…)

Longing for the Haramain

Zikr Majlis  | 22-08-2019  | Masjid Taqwa Ashaar: Makkah Yaad  The poetry of Hazrat Qari Siddiq Bandwi (R), ‘Makkah Yaad Aata He’  recounts the beautiful scenes and memories of Hajj. Being a person of great mujahadah, Hazrat Qari Sb would spend most of his time in the Haram engaged in Zikr, Tilawah and Du’a for(…)

Heading towards Baitullah

Zikr  |  18-07-2019  | Masjid ut Taqwa Ashaar: Darbar me hazir hai  The days of Hajj are fast approaching and the fortunate Hujjaj will be blessed with the opportunity of standing in front of Baitullah, many for the first time in their lives, a moment of great spiritual achievement! There is no better place and(…)

Significance of Labaik

Islahi Majlis |  08-07-2019  | Hajj has tremendous virtues; therefore the prospective Haji should remain in the company of an experienced Alim before departing acquiring the basic knowledge of the injunctions, etiquette and intentions of Hajj, which will assist in appreciating and benefiting from this journey.  Hajj is a journey of love and devotion to(…)

Preserving the family structure

Jumuah  |  19-04-2019  | Masjid Taqwa The family structure in the Western world is in stark contrast to what Islam teaches. That is a world full of individuals with a hedonistic mind-set, whose motivation in life is only fun and enjoyment. This is diametrically opposite to what we are taught. There are millions of orphans(…)

Reflecting on the creation to recognise the creator

Zikr  |  11/04/2019  |  Masjid ut Taqwa Ashaar: Jaha me juz tere jalwo ke chaare su kya he  The praises of Allāh SWT are such that if all the trees of the world had to be made into pens and all the water of the ocean had to be converted into ink, the pens and ink(…)

Kalimah Tayyibah – 3 levels to achieve

Jumuah  |  29-03-2019  |  Masjid Bilal, Castlehill Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala chose the best of humans to send as messengers for the guidance of mankind. They all came with one job, that is to invite the people to the oneness, worship and obedience of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. The first requirement of Tauheed is that(…)

Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 19) – Looking for a human being

Islahi Majlis |  04-03-2019  | The anecdote from the Mathnavi Shareef of Maulana Rumi (R) was discussed regarding the person who took a burning lamp to the market in the light of day, searching for a ‘true man’. Lesson is also taken from the thought-provoking incident regarding the Wali who adopted seclusion, due to being(…)

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