Has your home also become a ‘ Hotel ‘ ?

Has your home also become a ‘ Hotel ‘ ?   The home of today has become very much like a hotel. Strangers stumble in and out at odd hours, each one doing his own little thing. “The family” has now almost become just a fond memory. “The family” having meals together is a rare occasion.(…)


HOMOSEXUALITY – THE CURSED ACT: by Mufti Zubair Bayat Hazrat Thanwi R writes:   “Any relationship with a strange (ghair-mahram) woman or a handsome beardless youth (amrad); whether such a relationship entails looking at them, conversing with them to please the nafs (the carnal self), associating with them in privacy, adorning the self or voice to please(…)

A Shameless Practice

  A Shameless Practice   DIVULGING BEDROOM SECRETS   A shameless and disgraceful trend observed nowadays among some of our Muslim brothers and even Muslim sisters, is the practice of discussing intimate bedroom and sexual secrets with friends and acquaintances. Some times, these discussions take place in the presence of even relative strangers without a(…)

Adoption and Fostering of children

  Adoption and Fostering of children from an Islamic perspective   The Holy Messenger Muhammad (may peace be upon him), the prophet of Islam, himself was an orphan at birth. He was adopted as an orphan and placed in the foster care of his wet-nurse Halimah who nurtured him with tender care and love, more than she(…)