Lessons from the life of Hazrat Abdul Hafeez Makki Rahmatullahi Alayhi

Islahi  |  23-01-2017  | When discussing the lives of the Pious Akabireen such as Hazrat Moulana Abdul Hafeez Makki (R) justice can never be done.  Hazrat led a very busy and occupied life in which there were no wasted moments. Allah Ta’ala kept him at the centre of the Ummah – Makkah Mukarramah, and many great(…)

Fathers letter of advice to his daughter

Islahi Majlis   |   08-04-2013   |  Hz Ml. Asad Madani (R) wrote advices to his eldest daughter, which she shared in an article at the time of his demise. Some of the advices were: to practically teach them salaah, entertaining guests, cleanliness; create the love of good deeds by giving them incentives etc.

Hazrat Hajee Bhai Padia

Hazrat Hajee Bhai Padia (rahmatullahi-alayhi)   by Mufti Z.Bayat   The sudden demise of Hazrat Hajee Padia Sahib (rahmatullahi-alayi) came as a great shock toone and all. His demise is not only the loss of the Padia family, but indeed the loss of the Ummah at large. Today one and all feel like orphans (yatama) upon(…)

21 Years down the road…

  21 Years down the road… Haz Sheikh Zakariyya’s historic visit to Stanger in 1981 will be remembered not only by the people of Stanger, but also the thousands of visitors from the country and abroad. Twenty one years have passed since the Ramadan of 1402-1981. That unique Ramadan will forever remain a memorable Ramadan(…)