“Khatme- Nubuwwah” conference – Durban

“Khatme- Nubuwwah” conference – Durban The INTERNATIONAL KHATME-NUBUWWAT MOVEMENT in conjunction with   DARUL IHSAN CENTRE presented: “The Finality of Prophethood Conference”   Keynote Speakers Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Hafeez from Makkah (President of Int.Khatme-Nubuwwah Movement)   Hazrat Moulana Shahid Saheb from Saharanpur (Grandson of Hazrat Shaikh Zakariyya R)   Hazrat Moulana Ahmed Muhammad Saheb (Senior(…)

“Khatme- Nubuwwah” conference – CapeTown

“Khatme- Nubuwwah” conference – CapeTown The first conference on the subject of “Khatme- Nubuwwah” in Africa is set to take place at CapeTown, South Africa from 1 November to 3 November 2008. The conference, jointly hosted by the International Khatme-Nubuwwah Movement and the Muslim Judicial Council will be addressed by leading international scholars from around(…)