Who is an Authentic Shaikh (Spiritual Mentor)?

An accomplished spiritual mentor (Shaikh Kaamil) possesses the under-mentioned qualities. He is able to guide the seeker (Saalik/ Mureed) towards spiritual progress through removal of evils habits and qualities and developing good character and noble conduct.

1. He possesses necessary religious knowledge acquired from authentic sources.

2. His beliefs, habits, and practices are in accordance with the Shariah.

3. He does not harbour greed for worldly wealth.

4. He has himself spent time with an authentic Shaikh (Suhbah), and has been ordained by him to guide others (Ijazah/Khilafah).

5. The renowned scholars and Mashaaikh of the time hold good opinion about him.

6. His followers are mostly from among the people who have good understanding of Deen.

7. Most of his followers follow the Shariah and are not materially minded..

8. He sincerely tries to educate and reform his followers. If he sees anything wrong in them, he corrects it.

9. In his company one can feel a decrease in the love of this world and an increase in the love for Allah.

10. He himself is regularly on Zikr.