The purpose of men and women on earth

The purpose of men and women on earth – by Mufti Z.Bayat Why then have women been created? Allah Ta’ala desired that mankind should remain on earth and He granted women an important position for the procreation of mankind until Qiyamah. All the Ambiya (Alayhimus-Salaam) were born to some woman or the other. Even the Auliya-Allah were born(…)

Gender Equality

ISLAM AND THE QUESTION OF GENDER EQUALITY   – by Mufti Z.Bayat   Common sense dictates that there can be no “equal” rights Allah, our Supreme Creator, has granted each gender their rights; men their rights and women theirs – some of these rights are common to both genders; some special to men and some special to(…)


Dressing THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD EXPOSE THEIR BODIES MORE AND MORE WHILE MUSLIM WOMEN COVER THEMSELVES. WHY? Mufti Z.Bayat Immorality – the fashion in today’s world Western civilisation scoffs at the very mention of words such as morality, decency and modesty. These are regarded as old-fashioned and incongruous with today’s culture of liberalism and(…)