About Baitul-Ihsan

Baitul Ihsan is a spiritual retreat (Khanqah خانقاه / Rabat رباط / Zawiyah زاویه / Tekke تكيه) founded and operated by Mufti Zubair Bayat. Daily Zikr sessions are held after Fajr, as well as informal talks relating to Islah (Spiritual Reformation). Baitul Ihsan also produces CD’s of Mufti Zubair’s talk. Thus far many titles are available, at a nominal cost. Baitul-Ihsan is currently based in Masjid-Taqwa’s campus-property. Future plans entail the establishment of an independent facility with lodging and other facilities for Spiritual Seekers (Salikeen) to spend time in seclusion (Khalwa) for spiritual upliftment.