The life of Hz Ml Maseehullah Khan Shb (RA)

Islahi  |  02-11-2015  |  The more we recognise a person’s beautiful attributes and character, the more will be our affinity, appreciation & benefit. The high standard of Akhlaq which was the natural disposition of Hz Ml Maseehullah Khan Sb (R) is indeed amazing. What a soft heart, filled with such kindness, compassion, mercy, tolerance, humility(…)

Read the biographies of the Pious – {22/09/1435 – Session 2}

Ramadaan 2014  |  19-07-2014  |  Session 2  |  Reading stories from the lives of Auliyallah is very beneficial, provides spiritual nourishment & inspiration & will encourage one to do righteous deeds & to stay away from haraam deeds. We should make a practice of reading the stories of the Auliyallah because it is one of(…)

Glimpses of Hazarat Rumi’s Life – {21/09/1435 – Session 2}

Ramadaan 2014  |  19-07-2014  |  Session 1  |  Ml Jalaluddin Rumi (R) was a great personality whom Allah SWT imbued with a lot of knowledge & whose heart was burning with the Love of Allah SWT.  He wrote the famous book of poetry,  Mathnawi Shareef, in which many lessons are derived from the stories mentioned,(…)

The sun has set… demise of Aarif-Billah Hazrat Shah Akhtar (rah) of Karachi

Special Programme  |  02-06-2013  | Millions from around the world, who benefitted directly or indirectly, from a personality who was a brilliant sun of guidance, witnessed the setting of this glorious sun on Sunday evening, 2 June 2012/23 Rajab 1434. Hazrat Shah Akhtar R was an embodiment of Taqwa, Marifat & Muhabbat of Allah, Ittiba of Sunnah, author of(…)

The Compassion of Hz Ml Asghar Husayn (rah)

Islahi Majlis  |  22-04-2013  | The praises showered upon our Akaabireen are no exaggeration. A mere glimpse into their lives & we are left amazed at their hearts & minds. Allah really blessed them with a special level of Taqwa, Ikhlas & Wilaayat. We owe much appreciation for Allah’s great favour of associating us with(…)

Deen is based on Adab (Respect & Honour) for the Pious Elders

Islahi Majlis   |  18-03-2013  |   Deen is based on the foundation of respect & honour for Allah & all things linked to Allah. Sahaba (RA) cherished Tabarrukaat  & considered them a source of barakah. Our Akabireen, amongst whom is the personality of Hz Ml Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (rah) were greatly blessed with a high(…)

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