Ignorance – a spiritual malady P11

Islahi  |  09-01-2017  |  Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) gave great importance to the acquisition of knowledge, and then teaching and imparting it. In particular he mentioned acquiring the knowledge of the laws of inheritance. As we have seen in the recent past, Allah Ta’ala will cause the Ulama to leave this world one by one, and through(…)

The importance of following the sunnats of Nabi (SAW)

Zikr Majlis  |  31-03-2016  | Allah SWT has kept the treasures of the universe below the feet of that Believer who loves and practises upon the Sunnah of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW). The Sahabah RA and the Tabi’een were victorious on the battlefields and over the hearts’ of people on the basis of Itibaa-e-Sunnah. Through the barakah of(…)

Fill the vault of the heart with spiritual treasures

Zikr Majlis  |  04-03-2016  |  The pangs of love for Allah Ta’ala are what make a heart worthy of being called a heart. Allah SWT says in the Quran the hallmark of the people of Iman is intense love for Allah SWT. We should not be content with a low level of love for Allah(…)

Insulating the Heart from Evil

Islahi Majlis  |  18-08-2014  |  After Ramadaan, many find themselves on a spiritual decline, feeling inclined to sin, losing the Nisbat ma’allah (connection with Allah) & other Kayfiyaat (feelings) of Taqwa. Why?… Hz Ml Yunus Patel Sb (R) explains in a Malfooz that had we insulated our hearts strongly with the garments of Ihsan &(…)

”Boycott” the evil desires of the Nafs (self) – Avondale Musallah

Zikr Majlis  |  15-08-2014  |  Avondale Musallah  |  Whenever one is faced with any problem, stand  in Salaah, shed ones tears of  one’s fears before Allah SWT & this will irrigate the heart & make it blossom. Enlighten ones ruh with the noor of Taqwa & realise ones enemy is ones nafs. Show ones bravery(…)

Lessons from the Conquest of Turkey – Part 1

Islahi Majlis  |  04-07-2014  |  During the Ottoman Empire, Turkey played an important role. Those were glorious days of Islam. Allah blessed the Muslims with such awe & honour based on their Iman & Yaqeen that none dared attack! But as the Muslims swayed from Islamic values, Quran, Hadith & the ways of the pious,(…)

Maintaning the momentum of Ramadaan

Jumuah  |  01-08-2014  | Fast for 1 month and add 6 days extra and Allah Ta’ala grants the reward for 1 years fasting – little more work but such a great bonus, which employer grants such rewards. Continue with our beautiful practice of Salaah which we became so regular with during Ramadaan. Even Eid day has(…)

2 Greatest Treasures – Love of Allah & Following the Sunnah

Zikr Majlis  |  27-03-2014  |   An explanation of the beautiful poetry by Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb(RA) entitled “Bas mere dil me teri Muhabbat rahe…” The 2 greatest treasures are love of Allah and following the Sunnah. The best method to acquire this is by keeping the Aakhira in front of one, in(…)

The gift of the month of Ramadaan

Islahi Majlis  |  08-07-2013  |  The beautiful advices of Hazrat Shah Akthar (rah) on the arrival of Ramadaan discussed. Allah’s command of fasting for the believers in the Quran is based on pure Compassion. The ‘double-engine’ of the company of the pious and the blessings of Ramadaan will propel a person to great spiritual heights(…)

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