Deceptive Garden of Dunya – Musallah Mahmoodiyah, Westville North

Zikr   |   13-1o-2016   |  Musallah Mahmoodiyah, Westville North  |   In the life of this world there are many situations where a person will be broken hearted and will look to find comfort and solace of heart. It is on these occasions that those who had connected themselves with Allah SWT will(…)

Significance of the 1st 10 days of Zul Hijja – Sails Musallah

Zikr Majlis  |  08-09-2016  |   Sails Musallah  |  The ten days and nights of Dhul Hijjah have great importance, the day of Arafah being especially significant. Allah SWT forgives the sins of the past and future year of the person who fasts on the day of Arafah. The day of Arafah for the Hujjaaj is(…)

Ignorance – a spiritual malady P3 {Acquisition of Knowledge}

Islahi  |  05-09-2016  |  Nabi-e-Kareem ﷺ mentioned that the world and all its’ contents are cursed besides Zikrullah, anything associated with Zikrullah, the Aalim and the Muta’allim (student). Zikrullah in its’ broadest sense includes all forms of ita’at (obedience) such as Salaah, Tilawah etc. therefore the acquisition of knowledge is also considered as Zikrullah. Nabi-e-Kareem(…)

Welcoming Zul-Hijjah – Masjid al Khaleel, Buccleuch

Special  |  01-09-2016  | Masjid al Khaleel, Buccleuch  |  Dhul Hijjah is one of the four auspicious months in which the rewards for good deeds are multiplied. Furthermore Allah SWT takes an oath on the ten nights of Dhul Hijjah emphasising the importance of this time of the year. Nabi-e-Kareem ﷺ mentioned that there is(…)

Blessings of a Place of worship & welcoming Ramadaan – Amanzimtoti

Zikr  |  02-06-2016  |  Amanzimtoti Musallah  |  When Allah Ta’ala conveys a favour upon us it comes with great responsibility. Allah SWT has shown a great favour to the community of Amanzimtoti by granting a place of Salaah, but it comes with the responsibility that Allah SWT wants to see it full and being used(…)

The Sequence of Sulook: Huququ’llah & Huququl’ibad

Islahi Majlis  |  30-01-2015  |  It is important to make a firm resolution to repay our debts to Allah and be steadfast thereon. That is what counts in Allah’s Eyes. Together with fulfilling Qada Salah and Qada fasts, neglected Zakat and Fard Hajj should be compensated for. Also set aright other Huqooqullah such as Sajda(…)

The Sequence of Sulook: Missed Salaah & Fast

Islahi Majlis  |  23-11-2015  |  A Saalik should go about Islah in a serious andorganised manner. Ilm/Knowledge is a necessary pre-requisite for the acceptance of Ibaadaah. When preparing for Ibaadah, one will have to look closely within oneself for defects (Akhlaqe Razilah-bad qualities) which prevent or dissipate good. Together with this introspection of the baatin (inside),(…)

Surah Al-Kauthar – 23rd Ramadaan – Session 1

Ramadaan  |  09-07-2015  |  As short as Surah Kauthar may be, it’s a whole ocean… Through it, Allah expresses His Love for His Beloved Rasul sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He revealed it to comfort his heart…. promising him Kauthar for his Ummah, a large & beautiful pond with waterfalls of gold & silver, flowing from a(…)

Ramadaan Fever – Musjid Ibrahim, Newlands

Jumuah  |  12-06-2015  | Musjid Ibrahim, Newlands  |  Contrary to the understanding of the Non-Muslims, the coming of the month of Ramadaan is a time of great happiness for every Mu’min (believer) and expressing this is a great Sunnah. Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) exerted himself and his heart blossomed with happiness during this month like(…)

How to give up Sins

Islahi Majlis  |  02-03-2015  |  The central theme of the Majalis of all Mashayikh is on giving up sins. We’re always looking for easy ways & Maulana Yunus Patel (R) has shown a few easy steps for quick progress on the path of piety… what to do & not to do. These few pointers are(…)

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