Preserving the family structure

Jumuah  |  19-04-2019  | Masjid Taqwa The family structure in the Western world is in stark contrast to what Islam teaches. That is a world full of individuals with a hedonistic mind-set, whose motivation in life is only fun and enjoyment. This is diametrically opposite to what we are taught. There are millions of orphans(…)

Sahabi’s eagerness for good advice

Jumuah  |  12-04-2019  | Masjid Taqwa Nabi (SAW) advised Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansaari with 3 things: 1. Read your Salah as if it is your last. There are two benefits of this, one is that the quality of the Salah will improve and secondly, it is a reminder of death. The second advice was, don’t(…)

Zikr creates deep inner peace

Zikr  |  29-11-2018  | Ashaar: ‘Dil pe kalme ki dharab lagaa, Laa ilaahah illallah’ Reading the Kalimah ‘Laa ilaahah illallah’ with ‘dharb’ (striking on the heart) has been found to be an effective way of treating the sicknesses of the heart. From the Ahadith of Nabi (SAW) it is known that the hearts become ‘rusty’(…)

Season for Repentance and Reform – Masjid Noorul Islam, Spencer Road

Zikr Majlis  |  19-07-2018  | Masjid Noorul Islam, Spencer Road  |  We are in that great season of the Islamic calendar in which the great Ibadah of Hajj will be carried out in the Holy Cities and another great Ibadah – the Udhiyyah (sacrifice) will be carried out there and in every other part of the(…)

Standing in the Court of Allah as a Beggar

Zikr Majlis  |  09-08-2018  | Poetry: ‘Ilahi Teri Chokhat Par’ Visiting Baitullah is a great spiritual experience where a person has the opportunity to make true Taubah to Allah SWT in a manner that secures his Maghfirah (forgiveness). In the poetry ‘Ilahi Teri Chokhat Par’, Hazrat Mufti Taqi Usmani (DB) expresses the emotions that a(…)

Istighfaar in the Holy Months

Jumuah |  03-08-2018 | Allah Ta’ala has kept 4 auspicious months in the calendar. These are the months of peace & truce. Dhul Hijjah is significant because 2 great acts of Ibadah, Hajj & Udhiya are found. Good deeds are multiplied, & so are sins. We should engage in various acts of Ibadah. Our heart &(…)

Restrictions of Deen give us true freedom

Zikr  |  19-04-2018  | In the words of Beloved Rasool (SAW), the Believer in this world is in a prison and the disbeliever is in paradise. The Believer, for the short life of this world happily and willingly accepts the restrictions placed upon him, knowing he will soon be relieved from this ‘prison’ of dunya into an(…)

For peace of heart, rely on Allah alone – Junction Masjid, Clairwood

Zikr  |  12-10-2017  |  Junction Masjid, Clairwood  | Poetry: Siwa-e-Tere Every person has some kind of difficulty and problem they are experiencing, and through the words of the Arif Billah we learn where to turn to at such times. There is none we can show the pain of our heart and soul, as the next(…)

Nabi (SAW) 3 golden advices to Muaz bin Jabal (RA) – Musjid Al Hilal

Jumuah  |  06-10-2017  |  Musjid Al Hilal Allah Taala had given many specialities to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). One gift was brevity and conciseness of speech. His speech was brief but meanings were so vast. One such incident is giving advice to his beloved companion Muaz bin Jabal. There are 3 situations a person is in:(…)

A night for forgiveness – 27th Ramadaan – S1

Ramadaan 2017  |  21-06-2017  | “Laylatul Qadr is better than a 1000 months” There are 5 things mentioned by Allah SWT about the Night of Power. This is the night in which: The Quran Shareef was revealed, Ibadaah made in this night is more valuable than a 1000 months of ibadaah, Jibraeel AS descends with(…)

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