Power of Durood Shareef

Zikr Majlis  |  05-01-2017  |  Stanger Jaamia Masjid  |  Hazrat Moulana Sheikh Zakariyya (R) upon his departure from Stanger, KZN gave three beautiful advices to the people of the town who had the good fortune of hosting him in 1981. One of these advices was, as far as the tongue is concerned engage in abundant(…)

Weakness of the Ummah due to leaving Deen – Musallah Dawood, Montclair

Zikr  |  03-11-2016  | Musallah Dawood, Montclair  |  Sadly, our condition has become such that we have forgotten the guidance of the Holy Quran, the value and virtue of the Sunnah, and the teachings and regulations of the Shariah. The poetry recited laments the condition of the Muslim Ummah in current times. As a result the(…)

Deceptive Garden of Dunya – Musallah Mahmoodiyah, Westville North

Zikr   |   13-1o-2016   |  Musallah Mahmoodiyah, Westville North  |   In the life of this world there are many situations where a person will be broken hearted and will look to find comfort and solace of heart. It is on these occasions that those who had connected themselves with Allah SWT will(…)

Poetry “Escape into the lane of your Lord” – Avondale Musallah

Zikr  |  04-08-2016  | Avondale Musallah  |  A very unique poetry composed in the style of a conversation between two teenage girls encountering the challenges of adolescence. One of them is inclined towards having an illicit relationship and the other discourages her from taking that path of sin. ‘She advises her not to walk down this(…)

Reason with your nafs to subjugate it

Islahi Majlis  |  01-08-2016  |   The greatest obstacle in reaching Allah SWT is love for the Dunya as it creates unmindfulness of Allah SWT and the Aakhirah.   Hazrat Imam Ghazali (R) advises that in order to overcome this a person should spend a few minutes daily in solitude to reflect over one’s condition i.e(…)

Love of Dunya – root of all evils

Islahi Majlis  |  30-03-2015  |  It is important to understand what is classified as “Dunya” in order to eliminate “Hubbud-dunya” – love of the world from the hearts. Dunya refers to all those things which distract us from and make us negligent of Allah- this is not confined to material things as is commonly misunderstood,(…)

Living within our Means & proper financial dealings

Islahi Majlis  |  23-03-2015  |  Deen is not a religion confined to a few rituals; it’s a practical & beautiful way of life. Amongst its ways, is Muaamalaat which are financial matters of life. A person who aspires for Islah deals clean and doesn’t live beyond his means. If you can’t afford it, make it(…)

Dunya vs Hereafter

Islahi Majlis  |  22-09-2014  |  If we see the beauty of Dunya through the eyes of Ma’rifat (divine recognition) it will remind us of the exotic beauty of Jannah & our Muhabbat & Ta’alluq Ma’allah (connection with Allah) will become stronger. Then this ‘cheap’ Dunya will lose it’s attraction & allurance. The opposite happens when(…)

Bringing happiness to the heart of a Muslim – Part 1

Jumuah  |  31-01-2014  |  Amongst the great A’maal & deeds in Islam is to bring happiness to the heart of a fellow Muslim. Ibadaah is not confined to certain acts of Salaah, Zakaah, Fasting, Zikr, etc. but rather the scope of Ibadaah is very wide in Islam. Good manners, good dealings, good conduct & excellent(…)

Sunnah Travel Guidelines

Islahi Majlis  |  16-12-2013  |  There are certain important teachings of our Deen with regard to safar/ travel which we need to remember & practice upon. If we travel in the correct manner according to the teachings of the Sunnah, then a journey also becomes an act of Ibadaah. Take lessons when travelling; leave behind(…)

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