The purpose of men and women on earth

The purpose of men and women on earth

– by Mufti Z.Bayat

Why then have women been created? Allah Ta’ala desired that mankind should remain on earth and He granted women an important position for the procreation of mankind until Qiyamah. All the Ambiya (Alayhimus-Salaam) were born to some woman or the other. Even the Auliya-Allah were born of mothers. When women are fulfilling such a lofty role in the community, it proves without doubt that Allah has given position to women. Those that believe that the Shariah has not given women a high status and position are absolutely wrong. Nowadays, because only certain Ahadith are narrated to Muslim women in so far as their duties to their husbands, etc. is concerned, many women feel that they are here only to fulfil the needs of men; whereas this is not the case. Just as men have rights upon their wives, so too do women have rights upon their husbands. The correct thing to do would be to show each of the Divine Texts in their relative contexts. In this way, a fine balance is struck between the various Texts and a complete picture regarding each others rights and responsibilities are better understood.




There is a clear under current at work in the media and educational institutes such as universities, colleges and in other forums in the form of seminars and conferences, with the direct collusion and connivance of hostile elements to (mis?)inform women, especially Muslim women, with regard to their rights. They are made to believe that they should enjoy “equal” rights with men and that they should put up resistance, fight and campaign for these “equal” rights. It is on this basis that some so-called “Muslim” organizations have set up “gender-desks”; to fight back for “equal” rights that have ostensibly been denied to them. Day by day a vicious and aggressive campaign is being undertaken by “Muslims” to convince Muslim women that their rights have been suppressed, that they do not enjoy any position in Islam, that they are merely door-mats and that they have no real status. We Muslims need to realize that this call is coming from those quarters who ultimately want to take the Muslim woman away from the real and original Islam and to attract her to a hybrid, distorted caricature of the real Islam – this is called the “enlightened” version of Islam. The Muslim woman, more than ever, needs to exercise her intelligence and understanding; she needs to view the matter in it’s correct perspective. She needs to compare her position to that of the women of the world before Islam; the time when she had no position in life and no status in society. A woman was treated at that time as a real door mat. She was an object of oppression. Little girls were buried alive and most women were treated in the most despicable manner. If we had to study the history of Islam, you will no doubt agree that Islam gave them a status like no other religion or system in the world, past present or future. Even in the present time, there are many countries in the world who hardly give women any rights; and what is ostensibly given to them as rights is a mere window dressing of rights, to hoodwink the double-faced UN and it’s multi-faced organs.



Islam has given women their due rights; Yes Islam does not want to give women the rights that the west wishes to give women; in fact, this is no “rights”, but a mere deception of rights. It is just a way in which they are able to drag women out of the sanctity of their homes into the public arena, so that their men can fulfil their evil desires and lusts. They want to see women naked on the street, deprived of their real position, stripped of their dignity, honour and clothes. This is precisely what Islam does not wants for womankind… Unfortunately some “Muslims” have naively played into the hands of the cunning foxes. Or maybe they have deliberately chosen to work in cahoots with their “masters” – whom they adore and virtually worship. The wolves in sheep’s skin are many these days. Distinguishing between friend and foe is becoming an increasingly difficult exercise these days. Among the people “employed” by these people are the so-called “scholars” of Islam, commisioned to “re-interpret”, “revise” or “re-think” the Quran and Islam and make these “relevant” to our times. One of these so-called scholars is one American woman – some Amina Wadud Mohsin who recently came to South Africa and in collusion with local “scholars”, went on a carefully planned mission to disrupt the unity of the Ummah and plant seeds of doubt and dissension in the minds of Muslim women across the country. Let us realize that if we are not going to equip yourselves with proper Islamic knowledge; particularly our young Muslim women at schools, colleges and varsities or even at home; our Iman will be in grave danger. Let us learn to recognize our enemies from our friends. Merely to please our enemies are we going to turn away from our True Benefactor? This will indeed be most foolish!