Hazrat Hajee Bhai Padia

Hazrat Hajee Bhai Padia

by Mufti Z.Bayat


The sudden demise of Hazrat Hajee Padia Sahib (rahmatullahi-alayi) came as a great shock toone and all. His demise is not only the loss of the Padia family, but indeed the loss of the Ummah at large. Today one and all feel like orphans (yatama) upon his death. Hazrat Hajee Sahib presence was a rahmah and blessing to the Ummah. His consistent duas for the well-being of the Ummah is today remembered by all. His mubarak advices on various occasions still ring in my ears. One of his regular advice’s was: “Awwal maut, Aakhir maut, bar-Haqq maut, kullu-nafsin-za’iqatul-maut”. With great sadness today, these words are remembered.


Indeed the loss of a beloved one is a great shock for near and dear ones. The pain and grief that is felt in the heart at such times cannot be described in words. It feels as though part of your own being has been taken away. May Allah Ta’ala grant his family a lofty state of Sabre-Jameel – patience, fortitude and inner strength and courage to bear the loss of their beloved deceased.


The people of Imaan are indeed fortunate that even in the midst of a great tragedy, they have Allah Ta’ala to take support from. They have the powerful words of the Holy Qur’an: “Inna-lillahi…” to derive strength and courage from. They have the great Basharaat and glad-tidings of the Qur’an and Hadith. They have the beautiful example of our beloved Nabi (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam) to emulate. They have the ways of the Sahabah and the Awliya and Saliheen to guide them. Then finally, they have the Duas, the moral support and the sympathies and condolences of their fellow Believers – Mu’mineen to give them solace. These all serve as a soothing balm for an aching heart.


May Allah Ta’ala in His infinite mercy grant our marhoom Hajee Sahib and all of us the lofty stages of Jannatul-Firdaus. He will Insha-Allah be far away from the mess and complication of this dunya and will be in a much better and noble place, in the company of the Malai’kah and the pious. This should give us great comfort. Through the blessing of Imaan we will one day join them in the gardens of Jannah forever, never to be separated ever again, Insha-Allah. What a great favour of Allah Ta’ala upon His believing servants.


It is not against the Sunnah to grieve within the limits of Shari’ah. In fact, it is good for one’s health and quick recovery. It is even proper and correct to shed tears of sadness as this will allow all pent up feelings to subside. This natural feeling and emotion of grief must not be suppressed but allowed to take its natural course. So long as bad statements, crying loudly, screaming, tearing garments and hair, etc. do not take place, nor are any bid’ah acts performed before, during and after the funeral, you will Insha-Allah gain the full ajar and rewards of your Sabr. Allah Ta’ala has kept a great reward in store for such people. Dua-Maghfirat, Isale-Thawaab and visits to the Qabrastan (for males) are all acts which will not only benefit the Marhooms but will also be a source of benefit for those who carry out these noble practices.


What is required on this occasion is to recognise the ways of life that would have made Hazrat Hajee Saheb happy if he were alive today. The same things will insha-Allah make his roohmubarak happy and his duas for those who will live up to his advices will continue in Aalame-Barzakh, Insha-Allah. Hazrat Hajee Saheb made his life waqaf for this great mission of Da’wat and Tabligh. For this, he gave great sacrifices that astound those that know or hear about it. His near and dear ones must continue this great work as isale-sawaab for his ruh-mubarak.


Hazrat Hajee Saheb also emphasised greatly on the following matters and also showed us practically by his own example:


1. Simplicity in our whole way of life, especially weddings etc. He greatly disliked israaf of any sort


2. Love and ikraam of the Ulama


3. The importance of making an effort on the home environment. He always used to say: “Ghar ghar ko madrasah bana’o; zikr ka khanqah bana’o aur da’wat wale kam ka markaz bana’o” – “Make every home a Madrasah of Islamic knowledge, a Khanqah of Zikr and a Markaz of Tabligh and Da’wat”
May Allah grant us all to practice on his beautiful advices.


There are too numerous details about is life to cover in such a short article. Insh’Allah, it is hoped that some day, a worthy scholar will write on his life as it should serve as a source of inspiration for many.