Avoiding Debts

Islahi Majlis  |  28-10-2013  |  It is necessary to pass in all 5 “Subjects” of Deen in order to succeed in the examination of life. In Mu’aamulaat. repayment of Debts has become grossly neglected. Protect  yourself from ‘slavery’ of Plastic Cards and “Loan Sharks”. If it is necessary to take a loan, repay as quickly(…)

Uthman (RA) – a great role model for businessmen – Newcastle Jumu’ah Masjid

Jumuah  |  25-10-2013  |  Newcastle Jumu’ah Masjid  |  Remembering Hz Uthman (RA)’s brutal martyrdom of 18th Zul Hijjah 35AH at the hand of rebels. Sahabah exemplified ideal role models for businessmen with the perfect balance of Allah conscious dealings. Virtues and greatness Of Uthman (RA) who used his intelligence and wealth to benefit the Muslims(…)

“Risk-Free Investments”

Jumuah  |  01-03-2013   |  Compared to the world’s economics, the spiritual world offers phenomenal returns(rewards) with just a small capital(good deeds). And since we’re trading with Allah, it’s all ‘WIN WIN’- there’s no loss! Worldly investments are driven by greed and are generally Riba based transactions. Only with Allah there are “risk free investments!”.(…)

The Broader Concept of AMAANAH – South African Islamic Center – Dubai

Special  |  25-01-2013  |  South African Islamic Center  |  Dubai  |  Amaanah is generally understood to be some item entrusted for a period of time. But the concept of amaanah extends far far beyond this narrow understanding. Whether it be a borrowed thing, a spoken word, our children, spouses, wealth, employees or even our bodies(…)