Undeniable Status of the Sahabah

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on November 13, 2015

Allah Subhanahu wa Taála used Nabi(SAW) to prepare a group of people to carry forward his mission after him. This illustrious group was trained personally by Nabi(SAW), so we can imagine their calibre! They were the direct students of Nabi(SAW) & the teachers of the rest of the Ummah. Nabi(SAW) warned the Ummah about saying anything critical of the Sahabah. They occupy a very special place. Allah Taála Himself has praised the Sahabah. The only link we have between us & Nabi(SAW) are the Sahabah. If the link of Sahabah is cut off, there will be no Deen! Everything relating to Deen depends on the authenticity of Sahabah. Do not be part of those groups who revile Sahabah. When you attack Sahabah you are in fact attacking Nabi(SAW). He who has harmed Nabi(SAW) is as though he has harmed Allah Subhanahu wa Taála, & very soon Allah Subhanahu wa Taála will destroy such a person. The matter regarding the status & rank of Sahabah is something so grave that the salvation of a person lies in this. The very affiliation to Islam of those who default in this aspect is in question.

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