Dunya vs Hereafter

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on September 22, 2014

If we see the beauty of Dunya through the eyes of Ma'rifat (divine recognition) it will remind us of the exotic beauty of Jannah & our Muhabbat & Ta'alluq Ma'allah (connection with Allah) will become stronger. Then this 'cheap' Dunya will lose it's attraction & allurance. The opposite happens when one doesn't have Ma'rifat - his heart becomes more steeped in Dunya. This Dunya is mixed with negativity & defects so that our hearts do not remain attached to it. Only Jannah is perfect! Not only in beauty, but there will be no illnesses, no death, no ageing & no sadness... all the things we fear here. A Mu'min is ever-willing to give up the 'pebbles' of Dunya for the 'diamonds' of Aakhirah...

Duration: 00:29

Tags: Aakhirah, Allah, attraction, beauty, connection, defects, diamonds, divine, dunya, exotic, eyes, Heart, hereafter, jannah, lose, Ma'rifat, Muhabbat, negativity, recognition, stronger

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