Jumuah - 2020-11-06 - Umhlanga

Jumuah, at Umhlanga Musjid on November 6, 2020

Rabiul Awwal is the month in which many events relating to the Seerah of Nabi-Kareem (SAW) took place, i.e. his birth, demise and arrival in Madinah Munawarah after the epic journey of the Hijrah. However his Seerah is a perennial topic. In reality, daily, we should be speaking about his way of life and the principles, lessons and values he has bequeathed his Ummah so that we gain true appreciation of his personality. Those who understand his greatness are automatically enraged when any kind of disrespect is shown to him! Muslims tolerate insults, torture, tyranny and victimisation as a test from Allah SWT, but no Muslim with a spark of Iman in their heart will ever tolerate an iota of disrespect to Nabi (SAW). Presidents and Prime Ministers will speak out, the Muslim public will react and nations will rise up! Love for him is embedded in the heart of every Believer, and Iman cannot be perfected until love for him supersedes everything in this universe! The dictates of such love was evident in the lives of the Sahaba-Kiraam RA, a sterling example being the treatment of Sayyida Umme Habiba RA of her father, Abu Sufyan, who was the chief of the enemies of Islam at that time. The mischief makers will continue making mischief, the provocateurs will continue provoking, but Allah will deal with them. However, the people of the world have been awakened and are curious; they want to know what is going on? We, the followers of Nabi (SAW) are the answer! Demonstrate his values and adopt his character; this will be the greatest magnet that will draw people to Islam and hundreds of thousands more will become his loyal followers and supporters, InshaAllah!

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