Spiritual ‘quarantine’ for lifelong success

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 30, 2020

We are living in a time of calamities and disasters in the world not witnessed by previous generations, and which are increasing by the day! These are warning signs from Allah SWT – when He unleashes a small fraction of His Qudrat (Power), the superpowers of the world are dwarfed into nothingness! For the sake of protection from physical diseases and conditions, people are prepared to adopt every possible measure, even undergoing self-imposed quarantine, because they love their life and health. But, how willing are we to adopt measures to preserve our spiritual wellbeing and protect ourselves from spiritual diseases? Here, there is no need for a lengthy ‘quarantine’ or ‘lockdown’; just adopt the biweekly ‘treatment’ of attending Majalis to protect one from great spiritual calamities! Be eager to attend, as each session lends protection until the next, and inshaAllah, if one continues in this manner through the months and years of life, All?h Rabbul Izzat will grant a good and successful end. The Majalis of Islah and Zikr help to keep one focused on the Maqsad-e-Hayat (purpose of life) – which is much more sublime than the fulfilment of physical needs. When one makes the sacrifice and attends with the correct spirit i.e. Adab (respect), Talab (desire) and strong Niyyah (intention), with the cup of the heart open, then the effect will be achieved. These calamities are a ‘wake-up call’ – time is running out! Make the best of it by working to secure our najaat (salvation) and prepare for the everlasting existence of the Akhirah!

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