7 Gems of Advice - Masjid Noor, Welkom - Seerah

Special Programme, at Welkom on November 22, 2019

Nabi-Kareem (SAW) had the highest standard of character and conduct in this universe and was sent as a Mu’allim (teacher) and Murabbi (one who makes Tarbiyah) - to show and teach us perfection of Akhlaq. He left behind a wealth of knowledge pertaining to every aspect of life. Madinah Munawarrah comprised of people from diverse countries and backgrounds, yet Nabi (SAW) taught them how to live with unity, love and brotherhood. Nabi-Kareem (SAW) used to constantly advise the Sahaba RA on how to live as a community and improve their condition, and they would help one another in piety and righteousness. When Sahaba RA would meet, they would talk about Iman, and would depart reciting Surah Al-Asr. They took advice from him directly, practiced on it and conveyed it to the Ummah.

Seven beautiful advices given by Nabi-Kareem (SAW) to Abu Dharr RA:
Be good to family and relatives, even if they don’t keep good relations. Have love for the poor, who Nabi (SAW) used to make dua for. Do not fear the comments or criticism of people in speaking, conveying or practicing the truth; worry about Allah SWT’s judgement in our matters. Do not look at those who have more than us as we will avoid jealousy; look at those who have less as this will make us grateful to Allah SWT. Speak the truth, even if it is bitter (i.e. not in our favour). Read ‘La hawla wala quwatta illah billah’ in abundance as it is from the treasures of Jannah – a means of great rewards and protection and cure from diseases.

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