Nuggets of Gold from the Seerah - Masjid-Al-Hilal

Special Programme, at Musjid-Al-Hilal on November 9, 2019

Trying to speak about the Seerah of Nabi-Kareem (SAW) is like standing in front of the ocean and trying to put it into a cup! The real intention when listening to a talk should be what ‘nuggets’ we can take away to enrich ourselves in knowledge and practice. The most important aspect of the life of Nabi-Kareem (SAW) for the Believers is perfection of Akhlaq - the very purpose of his coming into this world. Nothing will be heavier in the scale of good deeds on the Day of Qiyamah than Akhlaq, therefore we should strive to develop beautiful Akhlaq - the means through which Islam spread and will continue to spread in the world. Nabi (SAW) exhorted Anas RA to keep the heart pure of ill-feelings, a very great Sunnah! The one who loves his Sunnah will be with him in Jannah! Nabi (SAW) had a very forgiving nature, forgiving even the people of Makkah, who were akin to the ‘brothers of Yusuf’ AS. We wish for Allah to forgive us, so we too should be willing to forgive - take out the bitterness of the heart, replace it with the sweetness of Iman which will permeate every aspect of our existence! Nabi-Kareem (SAW) loved the quality of generosity and praised the generous. Nabi (SAW) was the greatest of great, but was the most humble of Allah’s creation! Take lesson from the humility of Umar RA walking whilst his servant rode, by virtue of which he was welcomed into Jerusalem, accepted as worthy of rule and undefeatable, the Help of Allah SWT being with him. If we develop these qualities, we will get a taste of Jannah in this world, before actually entering Jannah!

Duration Naat - Ml Muhammad Asmal: 00:09
Duration Main: 00:55
Duration Dua: 00:02

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