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Jumuah, at Stanger on May 17, 2019

The first third or first 10 days of Ramadan is over and we are now into the second 10 days of Ramadan.

Time is flying in our era and before we know this blessed month would have departed.

An important lesson is don't have too much of reliance on the days and nights of this world. We are approaching our destination very fast.

There are three phases of Ramadan:
The first phase of this month is Rahmah, the second is Magfirah and the last part is to seek freedom and emancipation from the fire of hell.

We have completed the phase of Rahmah. The very special servants draw from the early part of Ramadan. Then we have the slow starters and the late starters.

If we have been negligent in the beginning of Ramadan then there is still much hope in the middle. We will not get deprived in this month.

If a person passed this month without securing forgiveness and it came to the last day, and it's the last moments between Asr and Magrib and now he sincerely repents and seeks forgiveness, he'll make it! But even at that point did not seek forgiveness, then Nabi SAW mentioned destruction for this person.

The beginning of the month is the days of mercy. The servant of Allah must absorb this mercy in his heart. If this person spent these 10 days properly, he would have acquired the quality of mercy. The effect of this is manifested in this person's manner and behaviour and demeanor.

Allah desires his servants to be manifestations of mercy. In the Qur’an Allah refers to them as servants of Rahman. These servants have the special quality of Rahmah.

Nabi SAW mentioned those who have quality of mercy, then Allah shows mercy unto them.

Nabi SAW title in the Quran is Rahmahtul Alameen. Nabi SAW is a mercy unto the Universe. Allah Ta'ala is Arhamur- Rahimeen - the most Merciful of those who show mercy. Nabi SAW has many names and one of these is Rasulur Rahmah - the Messenger of mercy. We Muslims are supposed to be the Ummah of mercy. This will be seen in the way we conduct ourselves.

When we have the quality of Rahmah, then Allah directs his Rahmah towards us, we will feel an inner peace that no money in the world can buy. When Allah's Rahmah is not with us then we feel unsettled and restless. The only solution is to come under the umbrella of Allah's Rahmah.

The month of Ramadan is a month of sympathy to the poor, a month of feeding and not feasting. By feeding people one will experience a spiritual joy.

A glimpse of kindness towards the poor can be seen in the Haramain Sharifain. The quality of feeding in the Haram, especially in the month of Rama??n is amazing. There's a general atmosphere of giving and distributing.

Remember charity begins at home. We must look at our community and satisfy the local needs. Then look outside.

This is a month of mercy, and a month to seek forgiveness. In these middle 10 days we should fervently seek forgiveness from Allah Ta'ala.

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