Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on April 12, 2019

Nabi (SAW) advised Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansaari with 3 things: 1. Read your Salah as if it is your last. There are two benefits of this, one is that the quality of the Salah will improve and secondly, it is a reminder of death. The second advice was, don’t say anything which you will regret tomorrow. We should be very careful and conscious of the words we say and write. There are guardian angels recording every statement made. In a state of emotion, a person’s intellect is overpowered, so he blurts out something, and when his emotion subsides then he realises that the problem is so devastating that he is unable to fix it. When we become upset or emotional, we must learn to pause and not respond. Give yourself enough time, make Mashwara and think carefully about your response. The third advice was, don’t have aspiration for someone else’s wealth. Make shukr, be content and don’t question or aspire for what Allah has destined for them. This is a recipe for peace and happiness.

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