Jumuah, at Masjid Ibadur Rahman, Uitenhage on September 14, 2018

The Islamic calendar is sublime by virtue of it beginning & ending with months that have been ordained as sacred by Allah Ta’ala. The one who fasts a single day in Muharram, gets a reward equivalent to that of one month & whoever fasts on Aashura will have his previous year’s sins forgiven. The Hijrah was the means of the establishment of Islam. Allah greatly rewards those who make Hijrah for His sake. All the past sins of the person who makes Hijrah are forgiven. The Hijrah of Nabi(SAW) was the beginning of a new chapter for Deenul-Islam. The Hijrah of the Sahaaba (RA) to Abyssinia was the means of Najjaashi, the first king, being guided to Islam, thereby Islam being introduced to Africa. Sayyid Alhamdani made Hijrah to Kashmir on three occasions, which resulted in all its inhabitants entering Islam. If we make Hijrah with the correct intentions, we will spread the light of Islam wherever we go. We have a purpose, goal, objective & mission, to spread the message of Islam and to do the work of Nabi(SAW). This is our responsibility.

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