Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 19, 2018

A very important subject matter of our Deen is the enjoining of good and prohibiting of evil. For this purpose, Allah SWT has sent all the Ambiyaa (AS) to this world. After the demise of the Seal of Prophets and Final Messenger (SAW), this duty of enjoining good and prohibiting evil, was passed on to Nabi Muhammed’s (SAW)) Ummah.
It is our firm belief and aqeedah that no messenger will come after Nabi (SAW) as he is the Seal of Prophets (SAW). If anyone believes in the prophethood of any other Prophet, after Nabi (SAW), then such a person is out of the fold of Islam. Until he does not make taubah and correct his belief, he will not be regarded as a muslim. Nabi (SAW) has warned his ummah that there will be many who claim prophethood after him but these will be liars, cheats and “Dajjals”. Even in the time of Nabi ((SAW) already some liars claimed prophethood (eg Musailimah, who was assassinated by Wahshi (RA)).

As Qiyamah comes closer more and more claims of prophethood will be made. BE CAREFUL and BE AWARE and always remember there will be NO NABI AFTER NABI KAREEM (SAW)
ALLAH SWT protect and save our Imaan. AMEEN.

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