MA’RIFAT – The first step towards Allah’s Friendship {21/09/1433 Session 1}

Ramadaan 2012, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 9, 2012

A relationship of love and appreciation stems from recognising the qualities and favours of the beloved. The greater the recognition (Ma’rifat), the more the reciprocation. When a servant starts to recognise His Rabb in all His Awesome Power & Compassion, the journey of Ihsan begins. Tear by Tear… over sins, & step by step… through humble worship, Nisbat Ma’allah (connection with Allah Ta’alla) is nurtured. It si only on the path of Tasawwuf, in the company of the Sadiqeen (The Truthful), that a relationship of Sidq (Truth) is acquired. By virtue of a sincere quest for guidance, Allah Ta’alla becomes “The Guide”.

Duration Naat: 00:09
Duration Main: 00:30
Duration Salaat & Salaam: 00:13
Duration Zikr & Dua: 00:26

Tags: compassion, Friendship, guidance, Ihsan, journey, Love, MA’RIFAT, Nisbat Ma’allah, power, Rabb, recognition, Sadiqeen

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