Mistakes to avoid in Ramadan - Musjid-al-Hilal

Jumuah, at Musjid-Al-Hilal on May 26, 2017

We are right on the doorstep of the very much awaited and great month of Ramadan. We should give this great guest the hospitality that it deserves. We should open our doors and embrace this month. We will then gain from Allah SWT all the gifts that this Holy Month brings from Allah SWT, in the form of Taqwa, Ihsan, Barakah, Maghfirah and Rahmah If we knew the true importance and virtue of this month, we would desire that this Holy Month continues for the whole year.
But it is Allah SWT’s kindness on us that we do work for one month and receive the reward for the balance of the year. Therefore, the person who makes the best of Ramadan, the whole year will go well. We should build up ourselves throughout the month of Ramadan, so when we reach Layla tul Qadr we are at the pinnacle of piety, virtue and goodness (thus gaining the maximum benefit of Layla tul Qadr). The “meter of Sawaab” is running 70 times the speed that it would normally run out of the month of Ramadan!
This is a month of Sabr, sympathy, generosity and Barakah. A month the begining of which is Rahmah, the middle is forgiveness and the last 10 days salvation from the fire of Hell. Four important Zikrs to be read in this month:
1.Kalimah Shahada 2. Istighfaar
3. Seeking Jannah. 4. Seeking protection from fire of Jahanum.
Some shortcomings to be avoided in Ramadan:
1. Avoid all forms of haram and makrooh actions.
2. Control ones anger.
3. Don’t be argumentative.
4. Abstain from vulgar language.
5. Don’t show any form of disrespect to the Masjid.
6. Don’t waste time on social media, gaming, dining out etc.
Rather make an all out effort to develop our character and Ahklaq. ALLAH SWT grant us tawfiq to make this the best Ramadan of our life.

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