Inspiration from the life of Nabi Moosa (AS)

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 12, 2017

Allah SWT has such love for Nabi Moosa AS, that his story is mentioned in twenty-nine of the thirty juz in the Holy Quran. Hazrat Moosa AS is one of the five Ambiyaa AS mentioned in the Holy Quran as being Ulul-Azm – holding the highest rank in the eyes of Allah SWT. Hazrat Moosa AS made the beautiful dua, ‘Rabbi innee lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeer’, when he arrived in Madyan as a stranger after fleeing Egypt. When we are in a ‘tight corner’ mentally, emotionally or spiritually we should call out to Allah SWT using these words, which He has taught and gifted us. Hazrat Moosa AS used the strength Allah SWT gave him to help the two young daughters of Hazrat Shuaib AS when they were being overpowered by male shepherds who were preventing their animals from accessing water. Chivalry like that of Hazrat Moosa AS is supposed to be the hallmark of a civilized human being. As Muslims we are required to show the highest level of character and conduct, being extra cautious to avoid causing difficulty or inconvenience to anyone. Hazrat Moosa AS showed great respect to the daughters of Hazrat Shuaib AS, even refusing to walk behind them when summoned by their father. His outstanding qualities endeared him to Hazrat Shuaib AS, and Allah SWT then opened the doors of sustenance for him. Hazrat Moosa AS became a shepherd, as were all the Ambiya AS. In this way Allah SWT made their tarbiyah, and they developed compassion and tolerance for their animals, which would then be transferred to their flock - their Ummah.

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