Ramadaan 2017

Remembrance of Death – 26th Ramadaan – S1

Ramadaan 2017  |  20-06-2017  | “Every soul shall taste of death.” An explanation of a beautiful poem on the remembrance of death. We need to catch up on wasted time as maut/Aahkirah is advancing. Don’t be deceived by company (friends and family) and thereby forget the companionship of good deeds, for then you will be(…)

Remembrance of Death – 24th Ramadaan – S1

Ramadaan 2017  |  18-06-2017  |  24th Night – Session 1 |  Our pious elder, Hazrat Shaikh Zakariyya R gave reminders about maut (death) in poetry form (ashaar), so as to emphasize the purpose of being in this world. The lesson to ponder is that this life is a transit lounge. Nabi SAW who was most needed for(…)

Remembrance of Death – 22nd Ramadaan – S1

Ramadaan 2017  |  16-06-2017  | Session 1  | Allah mentions in the Quran that He places noor into the heart of a person. Rasulullah (SAW) mentioned that there are 3 signs of this: 1) A person distances himself from this world of deception. 2) There is an inclination towards the everlasting world of Aakhirah. 3)(…)

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