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3 orders and 3 excuses - Quwwatul Islam Jaame Masjid

6 modes of intercession

The life & times of Hz Mufti Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri RA - Radio Islam Interview

The sermons of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam Part 1

The Life & Qualities of Sayyidina Hussain (RA) - Masjid us Salaam, Laudium

Taqwa - objective of Ramadan

Beware of the influence of Shaitaan - Isipingo Hills Masjid

Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 4) - Mahmood & Ayaaz, jewel of loyalty

Revive the practice of seeking advice - Part 1

Strive for excellence in your studies - UKZN _ Westville Campus