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3 orders and 3 excuses - Quwwatul Islam Jaame Masjid

Zikr - 2020-11-19 - Masjid Luqmaan al Hakeem, Rustenburg

‘Oasis’ of spirituality in a ‘desert’ of materialism - Gateway Musallah

Zikr Majlis - 31-10-2019 - Cape Town

Most Comprehensive Verse in Quran

Surah Kahf - protection against fitnahs - Marlboro Masjid

Quran - Our Saviour from Fitnahs

The fervent desire for a year of Barakah & Prosperity – Masjid-us-Salaam, Sunford

Social media - guidelines for usage

Beware temptations don't destroy us - Musallah Rahmaniyyah, Canon Ave