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Cure from the Holy Quran - Part 2 - 6 Ayaat of Shifa

Cure from the Holy Quran - Part 1 - Surah Al Fatiha

Light for the Afterlife - Masjid Noorul Islam, Clare Estate

‘Oasis’ of spirituality in a ‘desert’ of materialism - Gateway Musallah

Good attributes, evil attributes - brief explanation Part 1

Virtues of Surah Yaseen & Durood Shareef

Pearls from the Mathnavi (P.24) - Shaitaan deceives the Salik from Zikrullah

Advices for the bereaved family

Zikr Majlis - 31-10-2019 - Cape Town

Overcoming the grief of the death of a beloved one - Ismail Residence, Overport