Ramadaan & Zakah - Important Masail Explained - Reservoir Hills

Special Programme, at Durban on May 31, 2016

Zakah mentioned together with Salah 82 times in the Qur'an. The 5 pillars of Islam are intertwined. Fasting and Zakah are also intertwined. Zakah of the body is to fast and paying of zakah is the cleansing of wealth.

Zakah has 2 meanings:
1. purification of wealth
2. to increase
By giving zakah wealth does not decrease. Zakah is the most comprehensive cover for our property and wealth.

If Zakah is not given correctly it can lead to destruction or deficiency in wealth.

Once Nabi ? was sitting against the Ka'aba wall when somebody told him of goods on the sea that were destroyed  - Nabi ? remarked: "No wealth is destroyed on land or sea except for not discharging of zakah." Protect and safeguard wealth by paying Zakah correctly.

A non Muslim person was impressed by Zakah as the most effective way for social security or poverty elimination. As a non Muslim he used to give 2.5% charity based on Zakah.

Allah give proper understanding and knowledge to dispose of our zakah in the correct Islamic manner.

Zakah removes poverty in the world, at least in the Muslim world, provided it is given properly. Today there is a deficiency in the disbursement of Zakah. Zakah must be dispensed correctly.

Fundamental rules of Zakah:
Compulsory when possesses an amount of Zakatable assets minus Zakatable liabilities, once every lunar year, at a rate of 2.5 %

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