Consolation from Allah to grieving hearts

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on May 9, 2016

It is inevitable that each one of us must proceed to the next world, therefore there isn’t a single person who will not experience some grief on the demise of beloved ones. At such times one should directly refer to the perfect example provided to us by Allah SWT of our beloved Rasool (SAW) who lost the closest and dearest members of his family. To shed tears at the time of loss or sorrow does not negate one’s Sabr or Radha-bil-Qadha (showing submission to the will of Allah), but rather it is a sign of mercy of the heart and is the epitome of acting upon the Sunnah. When a person submits completely to the will of Allah SWT it brings about a perpetual spring in the heart, despite the sorrow and grief one may be experiencing. Death in reality is the return to one’s permanent home where one will be reunited with the beloveds who have gone before, and will be granted the untold pleasure of seeing Rasulullah (SAW). At the demise of a person, consolation is found in that they had reached the amount of life Allah SWT had decreed for them and there isn’t any force that could change the decree of Allah SWT. Remembering that to Allah belongs what He gave, and to Him belongs what He has taken, serves as a spiritual balm for the wounded heart. One should therefore make sabr through their grief, taking comfort and solace that Allah is with them, and hope for the great reward promised in the Quran to those who are patient.

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