Strive for excellence in your studies - UKZN _ Westville Campus

Jumuah, at University of KZN (Westville Campus) on February 26, 2016

Having successfully gained your place in University you have reached the final frontier of freedom, opportunity, diversity and risk. Why be afraid of holding to your Muslim identity when so many outlandish ones aren't afraid? Maintain your identity and adopt the brand of MAP (Muslim And Proud). Expose Islam by having awareness programmes within this environment, thereby inviting and educating others about Islam. We have been encouraged in the Ahadith as Believers to be the best and strongest in all we do, this includes excelling in education and all fields of study. Muslims were after all the original inventors and leaders in all fields of science and technology. Due to our negligence we have lost this position and need to make all out efforts to reclaim this lost glory. Firmly adopt the principles of 'Take what's best, leave the rest' (Khuz ma safaa, Wa da ma kadur) and safeguard your Imaan by being careful of wayward ideologies and thoughts in your learning journey.

Duration: 00:24

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