Adaab (Respect) an important quality - Part 2

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on February 15, 2016

Nabi ? said ‘No father has given a gift to his child more valuable than the gift of good manners.’ The person who is deprived of respect, leave alone being deprived of goodness, is not considered as being from amongst the Ummah, as Nabi ? issued a stern warning in this regard. Our pious Elders were the embodiment of Akhlaaq and Adab, therefore more than people simply acquiring knowledge from them, their company was sought in order to learn these qualities through their example. When in the company of Mashaaikh or pious Elders it is important to hold the respect and dignity of the occasion by not speaking out of turn or causing any inconvenience, but rather to adopt total humility and try to be of Khidmah (service). There are countless incidents of the high level of respect the Elders showed towards their Ustaadhs. Allah Ta’ala then granted them a high level of acceptance, and khidmah of Deen was taken from them. Even if a person does not have much Zaahiri knowledge, but by virtue of the love and reverence he has for Ulama Allah SWT will elevate him, and it has been seen that great Ulama have been created from the progeny of such people, even if they were just ordinary folk.

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