University life - take what's best, leave the rest - UKZN Musallah

Jumuah, at University of KZN (Howard College Campus) on February 12, 2016

Congratulation to all students who worked hard and gained entrance to University, university is the final seat of learning. It has its own culture - a culture of freedom and liberty. Freedom brings with it both opportunities and risks, the usage of which will determine a very pleasing or regretful future in a persons life. Endeavour to use this freedom responsibly. Adopt the brand of MAP (Muslim And Proud) and stand firmly on our identity. Utilise your presence in this environment to make Da'wah with Islam awareness programmes, backed up with your practical example. Use the beautiful principles of Islam (Khuz ma safaa, Wa da ma kadur) and embrace all that which is beneficial and positive and discard all that is harmful and negative in the university environment. A second principle (Qadeem Saalih and Jadeed Naaf'i) is to hold on firmly to all that is good and wholesome from the past whilst adopting what is beneficial in the present and future. "Take what's best and leave the rest".

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