The Sequence of Sulook: Removal of Pride

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 25, 2016

Fanaa is the annihilation, destruction or complete removal of something. To make Fanaa of the Anaa (ego) is the root of spiritual cure and treatment as majority of spiritual diseases stem from pride. Islah will not take place until there is Fanaa. One has to work oneself up to such a stage of Fanaa that the heart must not be distracted for even a moment from the remembrance of Allah SWT. Our objective is to be in His Ibadah during all our activities, however this can only occur when the nafs have been cleansed and purified of the evil characteristics. The natural and basic instincts will remain but will be manifested at the right time and place, and for the right reason, which is purely for Allah's sake. There is weakness in a person's Imaan when they do not become angry when Allah's command is broken. That person who holds back for the pleasure of Allah, loves for the pleasure of Allah and hates for the pleasure of Allah has perfected his Imaan. Every breath and act in this world should be Ibadah as we have been created for this purpose, and it is in this light that a person should judge and assess himself.

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