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Zikr Majlis, at Durban on January 21, 2016

Poetry: "Khudaa ke hukm par apna sare tasleem Kham kardo" – Kalaam of Hazrat Moulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sb (rah)
Our Imaan and Islam is such a great favour of Allah SWT that an entire life spent in gratitude and appreciation would not be sufficient to thank Him. Learn submission to the command of Allah SWT without question in order to attain peace. If during the process of submission we transgressed Allah’s commands then we should not become despondent but let our eyes become wet with tears of regret and remorse. When we repent to Allah sincerely with emotion and feeling and even a little tear comes to the eye then that is a 'receipt' of acceptance from Allah SWT. Taubah and Istigfaar which is from deep inside and results in the shedding of even a few tears is a great gift from Allah SWT. A heart that has become deserted and desolate can be made to flourish like a garden or an orchard with the Zikr and remembrance of Allah. When a person is sincere and Allah Ta'ala makes maghfirat of him, all past sins are completely wiped out and He causes even the Angels to forget the sins of that person. Allah SWT is Tawwaab, and Allah loves the person who is Tawwaab (makes taubah excessively) so much so that they share this quality with Him!

Duration Naat: 00:06
Duration Main: 00:32
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