Rewards for Gifting Water - Stanger Jumauh Musjid

Jumuah, at Stanger on November 20, 2015

Water is a great bounty & blessing from Allah Subhanahu wa Taála. An amazing quality of water isthat Allah Taála created human beings & all living things from water, & it is the support of all life forms. The Ahadith are replete with stories of the forgiveness of sinners due to the act of giving water to a thirsty creation of Allah Subhanahu wa Taála. On the day of Qiyamah this act of kindness will allow one to intercede on behalf of another, who had given him water to drink. When there is a need for water, we should rise to the occasion. One of the best means of sadaqah-e- jaariya is to provide water to the people. Let us build on the momentum of goodwill. This is a very effective form of da’wah & will be far more powerful than speeches & words.

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