Adopting the path of Steadfastness - Masjid Taqwa - Azaadville

Jumuah, at Azaadville on October 2, 2015

The objective of the Believer is to say ‘I believe in Allah’, & then remain steadfast. Allah Taála is teaching us to make this declaration that Allah is our Rabb, but be true to this declaration by remaining steadfast, firm, committed & dedicated. This means to be committed to complying with the orders of Allah & staying away from His prohibitions at all times. We should not adopt the sly tactics of the fox when it comes to obeying Allah Subhanahu wa Taála, but rather be like a lion which is firm & strong. The result of Istiqamah is that the angels descend upon us at the time of death, reassuring us & giving glad tidings of Jannah.

Duration: 00:26

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