Preserve the inner peace of the Heart (Jam'iyatul Khatir)

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 24, 2015

An important principle in general, but especially in the path of Sulook is that one should, at all times, guard the inner peace of heart and equilibrium of the mind and not do anything to disturb this, as that will affect one's relationship with Allah.
If after Mashwara, Istikhara and the necessary precautions, one faces problems, then it is from Allah and He will fix it. But if it's self-inflicted, due to rash decisions or negligence, then one should try to rectify it quickly, and avoid it in the future.
Amongst the things that affect this inner peace are our financial matters. There are simple and logical guidelines of the mashaikh on this matter, which will help to maintain the inner peace of heart, which is in an integral part of the journey to Allah (Sulook).

Duration: 00:42

Tags: Allah, equilibrium, financial, guard, guidelines, Heart, important, inner, istikhara, jam'iyatul khatir, journey, logical, mashwara, matters, negligence, peace, preserve, principle, rectify, relationship, sulook

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