Hoping for the Hajee's Dua!

Zikr Majlis, at Umhlanga Musjid on August 20, 2015

Brief explanation of the poem of Mufti Radha ul Haq DB. This is the season of Hajj, and our hearts should be with the Hujaaj, we should picture them to keep the love of the Haramain in our hearts. Nabi (S.A.W), advised us to follow Hajj with Umrah and Umrah with Hajj. In this poetry he paints a beautiful synopsis of Hajj and describes the inner emotions of the Hajee. Repeatedly he begs Allah for acceptance through His mercy. Our ibadaat is imperfect, so we should constantly beg Allah for acceptance. We are reminded about the incident of the Hajj during the time Ibn Muwaffaiq RA, 600000 people were present, but only 6 Hujaaj were worthy of acceptance, however through those 6, Allah accepted all 600000! He says, “My heart is a prisoner of the ghilaf of the Kaaba, shedding tears at Your door are like pearls on my eyes, kissing Hajre aswad is a sublime experience, Zam Zam is the envy of Kauthar, Tasneem and Salsabeel (Springs of Jannah)”. Once again he reminds us that it is only through the mercy of Allah that the Hajee has come to Baitullah, begs Allah for forgiveness, and to accept the stay in Araafat, Mina & Muzdalifah

Duration Naat1 - Hfz M Randeree: 00:03
Duration Main: 00:25
Duration Naat2 - Hfz M Randeree: 00:06
Duration Zikr: 00:07
Duration Dua: 00:09

Tags: 60000, acceptance, Allah, Araafat, Baitullah, Beautiful, begs, emotions, forgiveness, ghilaf, Hajj, hajre aswad, Haramain, hearts, hujaj, ibadaat, Ibn Muwaffaiq, kaaba, kauther, Love, Mercy, Mina, Mufti Radha ul Haq, Muzdalifah, Nabi, poe, prisoner, salsabeel, season, tasneem, umrah, zam zam

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