Beware of the 7 "ghayns"

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 3, 2015

Seven evil qualities beginning with the letter Ghayn have been enumerated. Those who will avoid these will enjoy success in this life and in Akhirah, otherwise, problems and failure are the lot of those in whom these evil attributes prevail.
1. GHAFLAT (Negligence)?In simple terms, it's a don't care attitude. A person is unconcerned obout how and when he does things or if he even does it! He's unconcious of the outcome of his actions. These pertain, both, to Huqooqullah and Huqooqul Ibaad. It's a spiritual coma...unconcerned about one's Islah (reformation) & the purpose of life.
2. GHADAB (Anger)?One moment of anger can be a life altering moment... what about Akhirah? We don't have control over becoming angry, but we do have the power to refrain. Anger, by itself, is not harmful, but if misdirected, it contaminates and removes the sweetness of Iman.
3. GHUROOR (Pride)?This destructive malady is a sign of the fall of a person. There is no basis for arrogance and claim over any Dunyawi or Deeni achievement! A person never had it at one stage and the reality is that it can be lost in a moment.
4. GHILL (Malice)?This is such a sick state of Zulmat (darkness) of the heart, that a person is always in negative thoughts and suspicions about others, wishing ill for them, gloating over their misfortunes, disheartened on people's success and happiness. This leads to breaking ties and adopting measures to inflict harm.
5. GHEEBAT (Backbiting)?This is the result of pride/looking down on others. The definition of Gheebat must be understood. Allah says regarding Gheebat, "Would you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother? So, (in the same way) abhor it!"
6. GHULUW (Extremism)?It's dangerous for one's Iman, to become extreme in Dunya or Deen. Obsession of permissible things ends in neglect of rights an duties. There should be a balance. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has warned us against Ghuluw in Deen as it can cause destruction in both worlds.
7. GHAM (Sorrow/Sadness)?There are 2 types of Gham. One is from Allah's side as a form of Tarbiyyah (spiritual training). The other is self-inflicted... perpetually thinking negatively, which is extremely detrimental to one's Deen & Dunya & Akhirah. If Gham is from Allah, He will arrange the means to remove it. If it's self-inflicted, we must make the effort to remove the cause of it, if possible.
May Allah cure and protect us from these 7 destructive maladies.

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