Operation death - the fear that grips the sinners

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on June 8, 2015

Death is sufficient as a lecture. It's remembrance is a provision for Taqwa and an eraser of ghaflat, a root of sin. This is why Muraqabah of Maut in poetry form, was a daily, salient feature in the Khanqah of Hz Shaikh Zakariyyah R. Through it, the objective of all lectures is achieved.

When Hazrath Shaikh R was asked in his last I'tikaf for a gift of Naseehat which the people could hold onto, he gave 3 Jaami' (comprehensive)  advices:

1] Keep busy with Durood as much as possible. (Amal of the tongue)
2] Practice the Sunnahs as much as possible. (Amal of the body)
3] Remember death in abundance. (Amal of the heart and mind)

This is the most comprehensive Naseehah any Wali can give as it incorporates the whole of Tasawwuf. The challenge is to live by it.

An inspirational English poem, 'Operation Death,' draws a vivid picture of the condition of a sinner when he is apprised by the Angel of death....  he faces his dreaded fears...  and to no avail were his tears... Take a moral from here... we never know, our death could be near...

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