Balancing between our Self- Reformation and Deeni Work

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 19, 2015

In a world of disasters, many passionately sacrifice months of their lives in relief work. Whilst this spirit is meritorious, there should be a balance - it should not be at the expense of our Aakirah. Nafl deeds, which we won't be questioned about, tend to appease our Nafs to a degree that we feel absolved of Shar'i 'obligations', especially Islah (reformation) of our Akhlaq, which is Wajib. We want to serve the Ummah but without being a reflection of Muhammad (SAW). A person becomes a nuisance to those around him without proper Islah. In saving the creation, do not forget the obligation of saving our own selves.

Duration: 00:34

Tags: Aakirah, balance, deeni, disasters, expense, Islah, Nafs, nuisance, obligation, own selves, questioned, Reformation, relief, sacrifice, self, spirit, work, world

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