‘Mines’ of Taqwa – the hearts of the Ahulullah - Special Khanqah Akhtariyya, Mayville (Official Opening)

Special Programme, at Mayville on December 17, 2011

The hearts of the Aarifeen (those who have recognised Allah Ta’ala) are mines of Taqwa, sharing the treasures of Wilaayat and Ihsaan with those who link their hearts to them. Such was the heart of Aarif-Billah, Hz Ml Yunus Patel (R) , who took strain on himself to transfer the deep Muhabbat that overflowed from his heart. With the unique beauty and fragrance of a flower like him, Durban became the envy of gardens…..

Duration: 01:14

Tags: aarifeen, Ahulullah, Durban, Heart, Ihsaan, Ml Yunus Patel, Muhabbat, Taqwa, wilaayat

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