Lessons from the Conquest of Turkey - Part 1

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 4, 2014

During the Ottoman Empire, Turkey played an important role. Those were glorious days of Islam. Allah blessed the Muslims with such awe & honour based on their Iman & Yaqeen that none dared attack! But as the Muslims swayed from Islamic values, Quran, Hadith & the ways of the pious, spiritual decline set in until we reached such a point of weakness that the enemy easily overpowered us.

Adopting worldly means is not against Tawakkul. But we have to adopt Taqwa too. Our words are many...our actions are few. The Ummah's weakness can be gauged from the disregard of the most important command, Salaah, leave aside other aspects of Deen.

Duration: 00:41

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