"The Refinery of Ramadan" - Refinery Musjid, Merebank

Special Programme, at Refinery Musjid, Merebank on July 13, 2014

Sahaba went through the refinery of Nabi ? to become people that were so refined, that Islam was able to spread to the rest of the world through their refined personalities.

This month is a like a 'major service' and a time for our full 'alignment' so that we can travel on the Straight Path for the remaining 11 months of the year!

The month of Ramadan is to refine us. We must take stock of ourselves. We should remove the bad habit of casting lustful glances. We should strive for the sweetness of Iman by not casting lastful glances. If we don't, we will poison our heart and this will lead to our destruction.

The month of Ramadan is about Sabr. We have to learn to contain our anger and temper. We make countless mistakes yet Allah continously forgives us. We have to be forgiving towards others.

We must improve our Akhlaq and character in this month of Ramadan. Good character will weigh the heaviest on the scale on the Day of Qiyamah.

When this month is over it should be that our hearts are refined, and all bad habits and all ill feelings are removed.

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