Understanding Surah Ya-Seen (Part 3 & 4) - After Esha

Overnight Program, at Masjid Quba, Ridgeway, JHB on June 7, 2014

Part 3
What is it that makes some people believe in the Aakhirah and some reject?? What message and lessons are there that we may find guidance and submit? ..The answers are in this Surah. Just as Allah brings the dead to life, so does he give life to dead hearts with purity and guidance. This is the goal of life... the essence of Tasawwuf..., to acquire a Qalbun Saleem (spiritually sound heart) and to desire this for all. When we will knock on the 'DOORS' of the people, Allah will 'OPEN their HEARTS' if we present a humble call of compassion and 'undying' concern... This was the methodology of Habib An-Najjaar's Da'wat.. so beloved that his manner and words found place in the greatest Book as inspiration for us. We need to save ourselves and others for, indeed, we are witness (via Surah Yaseen's revelation) that when Allah's Azaab comes, one "SHOUT" is enough for the whole town to drop dead!!

Part 4
Allah shows us the splendour of His signs in order that we may ponder. Then Allah cautions us to fear what is approaching ahead (death!) and what follows behind us (our deeds!). This is, actually, Muraaqabah (contemplation on death) and Muhaasabah (taking stock of deeds),.... in preparation of the after-life. Allah speaks of the realities of that life... the Soor, accountability, the state of the good and the bad, the physical and spiritual bounties of Jannah. As for the disbelievers and those who obeyed shaytan and followed his promptings... they will join his party... what disgrace!!! The proof of ?the power of our Creator and Fashioner is not hidden! So glory be to Him in Whose 'Hands' is the total dominion of all things & to HIM is our return..........
...it is when this heart is connected to the heart of the Qur'an that Allah gives it 'true life'. And know that nothing will be of benefit on 'that DAY' except a Qalbun Saleem (sound heart).

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Duration Qasida Burda: 00:11
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